Top Ten Ask Sid Questions of 2020!

December 30th, 2020
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You continue to be a marvellous audience with your widely varied questions posed each week on our #WineWednesday feature. There are similar wine information requests elsewhere on the web that your scribe comes across but am surprised by the differences among them. Most are quite basic elementary simpler bare facts ones that you could look up in good reference material. Therefore must congratulate our followers for a more learned sophisticated level of inquiry. Maybe it is just older demographics already having greater wine knowledge that are able to ask about more difficult issues. Number #1 is a surprise with “most important wine trend in the last decade.” Very subjective issue with lots of possible right answers. Need more dialogue posted on the site by members with you weighing in with your opinion on the best answer. Similarly coming in at #6 “worst wine trend” – subjectively answered as “wine score creep”. What do you think? Even last year #1 was just one person’s bold opinion on “Best & Worst Years This Decade for Burgundy.” Disagree? Impressed by your thirst for continuing wine detailed information and interest in my personal opinions. Always delighted by the challenge to consider the questions raised and pondering over my answers. Please keep up your good work with those interesting questions in 2021.

1. What wine was the most important in the last decade?
2. What is the difference between pinot noirs from Russian River & Sonoma Coast?
3. What about US Tariffs on European Wines?
4. Is it necessary to examine the cork extracted from a wine bottle?
5. What is an “ouvree”?
6. What Is Your Worst Wine Trend of the Last Decade?
7. What is your favourite wine glass?
8. What is this buzz on cheaper US wine on the way?
9. What is the best simple tasting description for a Sangiovese wine?
10. How to stock a wine cellar?
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December 30th, 2020

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