Ask Sid: What Is Your Worst Wine Trend of Last Decade?

January 29th, 2020
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worst wine trends of 2010s

Question: In your view what was the worst wine trend of the 2010s?

Answer: Interesting question. Your scribe appreciates how much more information on wine is out there in the last 10 years – some inaccurate but most of it helpful indeed. However with that overload there are some pet peeves for me. Don’t like so many consumers holding themselves out as experts rating wines without adequate experience. Your personal opinion on whether you like a wine or not is fine. But long detailed analysis and particularly an inflated point score are not reliable guides for others unless you have had some background in at least tasting fairly often or preferably drinking on a regular basis the world’s best wines. This is becoming more and more difficult for everyone to accomplish with the current high prices of these many wine treasures from around the world that generally warrant those highest scores. Otherwise how do you compare and determine what is an accurate score for any wine? Instead what we see are increasing “wine score creep” lately on all wines (some which don’t deserve the score given) because this works to the advantage of both the reviewer getting noticed and the winery anxious to broadcast the high score for marketing purposes. Similarly there are so many more sommeliers that now are better trained than ever who usually provide amazing assistance but a few still show too much pretentiousness of their knowledge.

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January 29th, 2020

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