Ask Sid: Why is Grands-Echezeaux called “Grands”?

July 28th, 2021
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Question: Why is Grands-Echezeaux called “Grands”?

Answer: Like your question. Must flow out of this Monday’s Blog. Your scribe wondered about this since one region is named Grands-Echezeaux and the adjoining other one just Echezeaux. Bill Nanson in his Burgundy Report notes that: “older producers suggest that the prefix ‘Grand’ is not used as a form of one-upmanship versus Echezeaux,
rather that it describes the much longer rows of vines than seen in the more ‘parcellated’ Echezeaux – so they say‚Ķ” A second explanation might be that in 1937 Echezeaux expanded from a small 3.5 hectares to the present size of 37.69. So early on Grands-Echezeaux at 9.13 hectares was nearly 3 times “grander” in size than Echezeaux. You might choose your answer from those 2 alternative choices.

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July 28th, 2021

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