January 25th, 2021

Most of us now are quite familiar with some good wine values coming from South America. Certainly Argentina (unique Malbec) and Chile (unique Carmenere) have established themselves as interesting wine regions growing many grape varieties with diverse styles. Even Brazil (high altitude Syrah) and Uruguay (Tannat) are working on making a statement about unequalled wines of quality. This past decade showed Bolivia trying to get into the game as well. Many articles published in the Economist to the Guardian have spotlighted the potential of this wine region. Another important factor contributing to this emergence is due to climate change resulting in the seeking out everywhere of higher elevation vineyards. We all know about these from the high altitude regions like Mendoza (in Tupungato) Argentina which help to extend the growing season and preserve the natural acidity in the grapes. Bolivia has this desired overall high altitude in spades with a wine history that dates back to the 16th century but is being revived again just recently. The Wines of Bolivia website shows wines such as 100% Cabernet Franc “pleasant and round” & 100% Tannat “elegant tannins that balance the body of this powerful, noble and sincere wine” both from Aranjuez the first Bolivian winery to win an international gold medal for their Tannat 2013. Also suggest you check out the Chufly website who are bringing Bolivian wines to America. They have set out some interesting background information on this region. There is a current article of January 20 on Conde Nast Traveler linked here by Megan Spurrell on “Why Bolivia Should Be Your Next Wine Destination – And how you can start drinking Bolivian wine right now.” Your scribe has tried a couple of them but am intrigued to explore them further. Would appreciate anyone who knows better about Bolivian wines to chime in with their experiences. Yet another wine region to monitor.

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January 25th, 2021

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