The New Normal of Sharing Meals Online Brings Joy Among Friends

March 8th, 2021

Currently your scribe spends many hours most days online hopefully inspiring others about the fascination of food & wine plus always seeking to learn more myself. My new normal is a plethora of webinars scheduled on the vast array of quality wines now available from around the world. It is challenging just trying to keep up to date on the many new current releases. Presently I am addicted to the marvellous work of 67 Pall Mall with their wide selection of live streaming programs plus their later replay on YouTube. Already this morning have participated in their Pomerol masterclass by Jane Anson featuring top chateaux from 1998, 2009, and 2015 which followed earlier ones on 1996 Pauillac wines & 1990 First Growth Bordeaux among others. All highly recommended. Obviously many aficionados of food & wine are also impressed with their dedicated work as this popularity is resulting in an expected April launch of their own 7 days a week TV channel now filming in 4K. Besides wine tastings many of us are missing the camaraderie of sharing meals in restaurants. We frequently are seeing more online events (usually on Zoom) enjoying within your own bubble the same food and wine for dinner as your friends. Certainly some joy can result from this effort of keeping in touch and sharing impressions on the culinary dishes and paired wines.

This latest report is from March 2 on the Vancouver Tastevin group of Burgundy lovers with food from New Fishport Seafood Bistro. An ambitious undertaking by talented Executive Chef Sam Leung and his brigade with many courses prepared for us to plate at home and where necessary to follow detailed reheating instructions. Even alternate choices were available for pescatarians or to share with your partner. All very tasty indeed and a lot of pleasurable fun. Cherish the still good value St.-Aubin whites that are available with here the 2013 Domaine Marc Morey Premier Cru Charmois but sulphur notes + quite reductive initially but improved marvellously with decanting and further airing. Pure delight with the innovative Conch, delicious King Crab & lobster dishes. Also continue to admire those structured outstanding 2005 vintage red Burgundy that always seem to need more cellaring to come together. This Gevrey AC 2005 from old vines by Patrice Rion is another one that is drinkable already but still showing that rather typically harder edged structure of this top commune. Presently prefer the easier more accessible village wines from say Pernand or Savigny among several others. Makes for a wonderful evening of hospitality in shared dining. Suggest you give it a try one night among your IWFS friends. If you are already doing so with friends and/or family please post a few words of insight about them.

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March 8th, 2021

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