March 16th, 2020

This unprecedented Covid-19 virus pandemic is having world-wide ramifications. So many countries already in dire circumstances. Be sympathetic for the entire country of Italy in lock down. Look at the state of emergency declared in Spain. Those two former hot tourist destinations have been among the global leaders in hospitality with a major food & wine culture. Similar decisions are starting to be enforced now in North America. The Mayors of the 2 largest cities of both LA (Eric Garcetti) & New York (Bill de Blasio) have ordered the closure of all bars, cafes, cinemas, restaurants, and theatres. Food outlets are only being allowed to use delivery services or take away. This is social distancing at the highest level. Even Las Vegas has joined in with the 13 properties of MGM Resorts and also Wynn Resorts all closing. All sporting events (except horse racing) on stand still. The overall impact on the hospitality industry is going to be disastrous. There will undoubtedly be major changes in the current restaurant scene as we know it regardless of where you live. Support your local fav place now in whatever way you can. Check out the up to date reports on and their useful live coverage Blog. In the meantime let’s all appreciate this extra family time we have together and use this opportunity to try some new home-cooked recipes or make old favs (or order delivery from your local restaurant) matched up with a choice bottle of wine you have stashed away for a special occasion. Stay safe in your hibernation & be most grateful.

March 16th, 2020

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