Ask Sid: References on Terroir?

October 7th, 2020
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Question: Would you please advise me on some good references for learning more about Terroir?

Answer: Yes “terroir” is a hot topic becoming more and more commonly used in wine descriptions. This word includes a rather long list of contributing factors all rather complex. One of the important ones is soil and the geology of the place where the vines are planted. A new exciting website is by geologist Brenna Quigley with three interesting free podcasts already posted and more on the way. Good site to follow. For more detailed scientific research check out these three books:

1) Wine and Place: A Terroir Reader by Tim Patterson & James Buechenstein

2) Vineyards, Rocks, & Soils: The Wine Lover’s Guide to Geology by Alex Maltman

3) Terroir: The Role of Geology, Climate and Culture in the Making of French Wines by James E. Wilson

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October 7th, 2020

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