Ask Sid: Some Aussie slang wine words to use at a wine tasting?

September 23rd, 2020
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Question: I am a American who has been invited by some Aussie friends to attend an Australian wine tasting and want to fit in with them using some appropriate slang words. Any ideas?

Answer: That’s an unusual one. Words about wine can be pretty similar the world over. However off the top of my head a few I would throw in for fun at an appropriate moment would include these:

FAIR DINKUM – for some good real wine that seems genuine and true to the growing region.

RIPPER – the best wine of the evening!

AS at the end of a word for added emphasis – eg.Lovely AS or Sweet AS etc.

A SPLASH OF FRUIT – for a wine that is showing a lot of big fruit

CLEAN SKINS – with reference to buying a terrific value wine (often described just by variety & region) because it has no producer listed on the label – a really popular deal in Melbourne.

GOOD ONYA MATE – For someone who makes a great point about a wine at your tasting.Should be an interesting experience. 

Get back to us with some more words you discovered.

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September 23rd, 2020

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