Ask Sid: Wine vocabulary in a more musical way?

June 16th, 2021
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Question: I am a musician and tend to think of my wine vocabulary in a more musical way. Any ideas?

Answer: Yes I think a new wine vocabulary is evolving. Music is a celebration of life, memories, and emotions just like wine. You will be most familiar with “timbre” that includes so many words (for example piercing, resonant, to rounded) also so appropriate to describe wine. All musical input would be a valuable contribution for describing your own wine impressions. Sometimes wine blends are referred to as the culmination of different instruments coming together in an orchestra. Admire how Krug Champagne have used a musical trio analogy to highlight the elements of their complex Grande Cuvee:

Chardonnay – Violins for backbone of freshness

Pinot Noir – Bass or Trombones for structure and maturity

Pinot Meunier – Trumpet for fun “ting ting ting”

I suggest you go for it!

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June 16th, 2021

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