Ask Sid: Are the words used to describe wine changing?

February 10th, 2021
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Question: Are the words used to describe wine changing?

Answer: Astute point. Yes I do believe the wine vocabulary like everything is becoming more politically correct. There is less use of wine descriptors like “feminine” (find another word among many choices such as “delicate”, “finesse, “gentle”, etc.), “masculine” (“firm”, “power”, strong” etc.), “legs” (use “tears” or “weight”), “mouthfeel” (prefer “texture”) and others. There are always newer words and concepts to be aware of from “natural”, “orange”, “amphora”, “organic”, “biodynamic” and so many more. It is fun to learn new words to use in describing wine. “Mineral” is everywhere today! The language is evolving especially that used by many of the younger demographics to be less technical and more about just drinkability. Accordingly we see more words like “bright”, “crunchy”, “fresh”, “fruity”, “sense of place” “spicy” and even just “smell” – instead of “aromas” and “bouquet”. Do you have other good examples for us?

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February 10th, 2021

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