Ask Sid: Why more wines in cans?

January 22nd, 2020
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Question: Why are we seeing more wines in cans?

Answer: Modern marketing. Actually not a bad trend to position the increasing volume of cheap to moderately priced wine as more of just an easy useable beverage. Some like Sterling Vineyards in Napa are positioning themselves as using not cans but sleek lightweight aluminum bottles for the times. Like their use of unique colour coding both for resealable tops and bottom bar with yellow chardonnay, pink rose, and red cabernet sauvignon all easy to identify. Good branding. Better than more use of plastic. Those non sustainable expensive to transport extra heavy glass bottles also contributed to this and that packaging should stop. Like the convenience of cans and hope to see more of the already popular 375 ml. can size but also some 187 ml. with a non-plastic straw. However not ready yet for my premium wines for aging in aluminum bottles. What are your thoughts?

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January 22nd, 2020

One Response

  1. Obviously the main drawback is opacity! Color, even distorted by glass, is an important approach to wine.
    With time, one learns by checking the bottle neck, above and below the fill.
    Still, Al is a great choice for inexpensive wine – almost zero weight, therefore green – and recyclability.

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