Ask Sid: A wine scene dislike?

December 11th, 2019
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Question: You are usually quite positive and helpful on these questions Sid. I wonder if there is a fad, ritual, or trend on the current wine scene that you dislike?

Answer: I hadn’t thought of that one. Sure there are quite a few including these:

1. Sitting near someone at a wine tasting or dinner who is wearing a prominent perfume or has some other strong scent trail.

2. The hype for “natural” wines (including “orange”) is admirable in concept but quite difficult to perfectly achieve with too many of them not delicious enough with some even undrinkable.

3. Really dislike the sabering of sparkling wine (especially Champagne). This is my #1 pet peeve by far! Can be fun & festive I guess but is over-done and dangerous. Not only do you explode the wonderful contents and lose precious bubbles but subject by-standers to injury. I have seen too many people (including the saber holder) cut by flying glass shards including this year to a spectator near me in the 5th row while watching it being done as part of a celebration on a stage. In any event always know what you are doing and carefully saber towards an empty space or wall away from people and at least cover the bottle over with a towel or use other safety precautions.

What are your dislikes?

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December 11th, 2019

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