Ask Sid: Recommend region for undiscovered white wine value to pair with food?

May 1st, 2019
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Question: What wine region do you think has the best undiscovered white wine value for pairing with food?

Answer: Tough call as many wine regions around the world are doing an excellent job producing well balanced white wines that match well with food. However with global warming many wineries are picking earlier and trying to preserve natural acidity. Classic Chablis has suffered from recurring frost and hail issues with smaller crops and higher prices. I believe Muscadet (from the western end of the Loire Valley in France) using the Melon de Bourgogne grape variety remains a super value with a fresh crisp style of palate refreshing acidity that is particularly well suited for all preparations of seafood. Some aged complex yeasty examples “sur lie” are still available in the local caves for importing. More are now showing up in wine shops and on restaurant wine lists that are good buys. What region would you suggest?

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May 1st, 2019

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