Ask Sid: best one or two vintages in the last 6 decades for Red Burgundy?

May 9th, 2019
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Question: Would like your knowledgeable opinion on the best one or two vintages in each of the last 6 decades for us Red Burgundy collectors?

Answer: Wow that is quite a Burgundy collection you must have over a 60 year span. Yes the current decade is having a super run with all their quality years though some have been short crop challenged by the weather. Riper 2015 showing impressively (as are so fresh 2016) and I have admiration for those surprising 2010. The first decade has those balanced reluctant long aging 2005, rich softer 2009 and less consistent 2002. Last century finished with those fantastic never disappointing 1999 but those 1991 are underrated but often outperform some more hyped 1993 & 1990. In the eighties I believe 1985 is clearly best as is 1978 though some bottles of 1971 can challenge. Some sixties are now drinking marvellously especially the 1962 vintage but 1966, 1964, and well stored 1961 can also excite with their older style complexity. Enjoy your journey!

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May 9th, 2019

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