Salmon More Delicious Cooked on the Bone

July 16th, 2018

salmon steak bone

Fresh wild Pacific salmon has arrived here on the West Coast. Even though controversial farmed or wild frozen (preferable at sea) can sometimes serve a purpose they are not the same in overall taste and enjoyment as using fresh wild salmon. The variety of salmon makes a big difference too and your scribe has a leaning towards the complex unique special oils of the one called King, Spring or Chinook. However the one most often available in the marketplace is Sockeye. It has the best red colour but tends to be firm and drier in texture so requires careful monitored cooking. Here several chain stores including IGA Marketplace, Thrifty Foods, and Canada Safeway are supporting the Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise sustainable program with early season promotion prices the lowest being at Safeway at $20/kg for steaks and more for fillets. These past two weeks has been a wonderful indulgence in trying different methods of cooking but most important comparing Sockeye boneless fillets to Sockeye Steaks on the bone. In my humble opinion the results are clear. The salmon steaks cooked on the bone always show a better more flavourful result. Highly recommend them. Have you noticed this difference?


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July 16th, 2018

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