Ask Sid: Stemless wine glasses?

April 11th, 2018
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Ask Sid: Stemless wine glasses?

Question: What is your opinion on using stemless wine glasses?

Answer: Popular choice for some whose use gives off more casual vibes being more durable with less chance of breakage where the stem meets the bowl. I usually carry a Riedel O stemless glass with an excellent bowl shape around in my backpack that I bring out at wine tastings to use when the only other choice is a small thick glass with a stem that is offered for my use. Personally I don’t like the movie star trend of holding any wine glass by the bowl. It tends to warm up the wine and leave fingerprints.

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April 11th, 2018

4 Responses

  1. I believe I brought this subject up myself a while back. In my opinion, stemless glasses are fine. I use them at home especially if I am serving “self serve” food, like Chinese. They are shorter and less likely to be knocked down. Because they really only have a “bowl” to hold, your fingers could leave finger prints if they are oily. As for the tips of the fingers adding unwanted warmth to the wine, I conducted an experiment which disproved this factor. Cupping the bowl in one’s palms does warm the wine. However, this is true of both stemmed and stemless glasses.

  2. If the choice is between stemless or not drinking…

  3. I am with Ron Schneider’s comment! But, I would never purchase them or serve wine in them. It’s just not the right way to enjoy a glass of wine!

  4. Tom Murnan says:

    I still like the Le Taster from Les Impitoyable, which has fallen out of fashion with the rise of Riedel, but is a marvelous wine tool. It has a dimple for your thumb and a small “punt” at the bottom. This helps limit the heat from your fingers, and keeps the amount of fingerprints down. The dimple acts as a barrier on the inside of the glass that helps to spray the swirled wine around, releasing the bouquet.

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