Ask Sid: Removing Red Wine Stains in Decanter & Glasses

December 9th, 2015
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Ask Sid: Removing Red Wine Stains in Decanter & Glasses

Question: What should I do to remove red wine stains in the bottom of my decanters and some of my wine glasses?

Answer: First try a prolonged soak in very hot water with some vinegar, salt, baking soda, denture cleaner or mild powdered detergent. Finish the cleaning with a soft brush. Personally I use and am very happy with the results from Stem Shine an aroma free glass washing detergent that contains a glassware corrosion inhibitor. It is distributed by The Wine Enthusiast Companies in Elmsford New York and can be ordered on line at Works well on fine crystal too and the rapid evaporation is supposed to eliminate streaking. Good luck.

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December 9th, 2015

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  1. John Danza says:

    Actually, it’s much easier than any of that. Use Efferdent or another brand of denture cleaner. It takes care of all types of stains in decanters, and it leaves no residue that will affect the taste of wine. Drop one or two tablets into the decanter filled with hot water and leave it overnight. The next day, rinse it out with a few rinses of hot water. Done!

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