Ask Sid: Best Method Of Drying & Polishing Wine Glasses?

August 11th, 2016
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Ask Sid: Best Method Of Drying & Polishing Wine Glasses?

Question: I need advice Sid on your best ideas for drying and polishing wine glasses without breaking the stems. Please help me?

Answer: Yes this can be tricky. I fortunately have a hanging rack to invert the glasses and slowly air dry them. Be very careful to make sure you avoid using soapy, fabric softener, or scented towels or paper. Instead acquire one of the many lint-free microfiber wine glass towels that are out there for sale. I have one from Copia – The American Centre for Wine, Food & the Arts – that does a good job of polishing that is made in Korea from 80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide. However, my preferred procedure is to use a clean 100% linen towel (like best the ones from France by Le Jacquard Francais) and gently dry and polish each glass. The key is to be very careful not to twist or torque the stem that can easily result in breakage if you use any force. Be sure to hold the bottom of the glass while drying the inside of the bowl – AND DO NOT HOLD THE BASE OF THE GLASS. In fact, my most careful reliable method is to use 2 linen towels – one in the left hand holding the bottom of the glass and the other in my right hand drying and polishing the inside of the bowl. Hopefully this will be a better method for you and result in less breakage. Give it a try!

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August 11th, 2016

2 Responses

  1. Jan Webber says:

    I appreciate your mentioning the 100% linen towels from La Jacquard Francais, but their website shows no towels that are linen —only 100% cotton towels with a set of four starting around $96.

    Many years ago, it was possible to purchase 100% linen towels with the Reidel logo. I have four of them but have used them for more than 10 years and they desperately need to be replaced. If you really do know how to get 100%, I’d love to know where.

  2. Thanks for your response Jan. Yes linen is very useful for this purpose. We bought 100% linen directly from Le Jacquard Francais for many years. Less available now. Bought our latest batch of towels recently in Paris from Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris. They are navy colour about 22 inches by 30 and say primrose bordier pour Le Jacquard Francais Made in France. Good luck in hunting some of these down.

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