Ask Sid: Best wine for Christmas dinner?

December 22nd, 2021
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Question: What wine should I serve this year with my Christmas dinner?

Answer: Receive lots of these same questions in late December every year. Impossible to give you a specific bottle answer. With the Omicron variant presently being so prominent it probably means the family and friends get-togethers will be smaller in number. You may need less wine than previous years so serve better quality. Depends on so many factors from what foods you are serving for dinner, your own tastes, your own wine cellar or access to wine in your home community, your budget etc. Also nice to support your local wine producer in the region where you reside. Just Google “best wine for the holidays” and you will be overloaded with a plethora of questionable choices. Check out here for an answer by your scribe two years ago on December 18, 2019. Wine choices should be vastly expanded for sure. Lots of wines that should pair well including improved versatile Rose wines from
everywhere. Sparkling Rose is ideal as are any other festive “bubbles”. Also find that Cru Beaujolais, fruity Gamay, and easy drinking Malbec match-up well on these occasions. Most whites will be ideal. Explore and discover your own nirvana. The search is a big part of the fun. Enjoy your holiday season!

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December 22nd, 2021

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