August 24th, 2020

As many of you kind followers on this Blog know your scribe is one of the biggest supporters of fresh local Dungeness crab. The natural sweetness of the meat is uniquely fantastic so it is IMHO best served quite simply prepared as not to detract from that pleasure. Also fascinating is to find your perfect white wine to match and enhance the crab. Big fan of pairing top Premier or Grand Cru Chablis as hard to beat except perhaps the luxury of a quality balanced chardonnay but not one too heavy or oaky.

Usually a keen locavar eater supporting the local producers we do as a special treat indulge with friends once a year in a king crab dinner. Always a lot of fun to compare the differences between Dungeness & King. These king crabs are monster size seafood that easily weigh 8 pounds but bigger ones come in around 10 that are even better for more “meat”. Mostly we have enjoyed those coming in fresh from Alaska but also remember tasting while in Chile the delicacy of Patagonian Southern Red King variety. We had admired over the years each Spring the excellent service at Fortune Garden at 1475 West Broadway in Vancouver BC (now closed) with photos from April 4, 2019 showing the excitement of having these king crab and their tasty preparation. This year on August 17 we moved to the highly regarded Dynasty Seafood Restaurant at 777 West Broadway for a new king crab experience. What a delightful surprise of outstanding culinary preparation this turned out to be! A large 10 pounder we were told had arrived live from Russia via Norway and was truly other worldly. Not at all stringy but so delicate and naturally sweet. Remarkable! The steaming technique used together with finely chopped non invasive best garlic in the legs and knuckles only enhanced this so delicious experience. The best yet. It turned into 3 courses in order of legs, knuckles, and rice all splendid with Champagne plus fresh local Synchromesh 2018 Riesling Storm Haven Vineyard. What a way to celebrate a big occasion in your life during these difficult continuing days of Covid-19. Still need to indulge and celebrate once in a while. Highly recommended.

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August 24th, 2020

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