Does Wine Really Taste Better on a Fruit Day Than a Root Day?

March 23rd, 2020

The recently concluded 42nd Vancouver International Wine Festival was fortunate indeed on their timing that allowed all food & wine events to be held before this current Covid-19 pandemic. Reflecting back on so many highlights one that stands out were the number of wineries that were questioning whether it was a fruit day or a root day on the lunar calendar for their wine. As we know there is a lot of current buzz on sustainability, organic farming, biodynamics in the vineyard and the like but somewhat surprised that winery principals are focusing on the moon’s effect on the showing of their wine as well. This was noticeable at the 164 tasting stations but at special events too. At the Burgundy and Beyond dinner on February 25 at Coast Restaurant featuring Maison Louis Latour their Area Director Mark Allen raised this issue in discussing how closed in their 2016 Corton-Charlemagne was showing “on what must be a root day” matched with pan roasted Sea Bass. There are actually 4 phases going from FRUIT (supposed to show the Best), FLOWER (favours Aromatic Whites), LEAF (or STEM), to ROOT (believed to be WORST). Your scribe’s subsequent research of the Lunar Biodynamic Calendar discloses that generally VIWF was held at a rather difficult tasting time because it started on Monday February 24 as a Leaf day and transitioned from Leaf to Fruit on Tuesday February 25 and the best day was Wednesday February 26 for Fruit. It was on that date February 26 that Gerard Bertrand held his informative Trade Masterclass on Languedoc “L’Art De Vivre Les Vins Du Sud” explaning how winemaking is a “subtle art of alchemy between excellence, art de vivre and respect for biodiversity.” While explaining his terrific 2018 Chateau L’Hospitalet Grand Vin Blanc white blend from AOP La Clape he too questioned whether “today is a fruit or root day”? Lucky him as the following days had Thursday February 27 going from Fruit to Root and the weekend was all Root before going eventually changing to Flower.

Since the Festival your scribe has been paying more attention to this theory. Sunday March 15 was a Fruit day so looked forward to trying inconsistent 2008 Chablis Grand Cru Valmur William Fevre with Steelhead Salmon. Bottle was badly maderized. Opened another on Friday March 20 a Flower day to go with fresh wild Halibut that was exquisite – best bottle tried yet! However believe this was more bottle variation than lunar effect – but maybe not. However, now with this huddled home staycation is your opportunity to test this out. The jury is still out. Tomorrow March 24 and Wednesday March 25 are both intense Fruit days. Open something – preferably red – and try it. Hopefully it shows well. Friday March 27 is a strong Root day. Open another bottle of the very same wine and try it. Is it better, almost the same, or expectedly worse. If you miss this chance there is another one coming up in April: Saturday April 11 as Fruit followed by Monday April 13, & Tuesday April 14 both Root. Please report your findings here!

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March 23rd, 2020

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