Ask Sid: Pairing wine with ravioli pasta?

March 16th, 2016
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Pairing wine with ravioli pasta?

Question: What’s the best wine to serve with pasta filled with a potato and old yellow cheese?

Answer: Should be a delicious dish with almost any wine you choose! You describe a ravioli type pasta but don’t mention using any sauce on top and if there is a spicy tomato or rich cream sauce this would make a difference in more specific wine recommendations. However potato and cheese pasta should be easy for pairing (unless your cheese is a rather strong Cheddar or Mimolette) and will be excellent with most of your wine choices. Various pasta is something I enjoy regularly often a Primavera with vegetables including San Marzano roasted plum tomatoes, grilled eggplant and Parmigiano Reggiano shards with lots of quality fresh extra virgin olive oil. I find almost any wine works with it. Naturally an Italian choice will be appropriate. At the great River Café in Hammersmith outside London in England they still limit their wine list to only Italian with versatile choices from the expanding 20 main regions. Common choices for your dish would include a wide choice from pinot grigio, a fuller chardonnay or white Burgundy, pinot noir or red Burgundy, and the savoury sangiovese variety perhaps a Chianti Classico or the newer Gran Selezione. However there also are many New World reasonably priced wines that also would work well to enhance this pasta. Suggest you experiment with various wine types and find the flavour match you enjoy the best together.

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March 16th, 2016

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