Ask Sid: How popular are non-alcoholic wines now?

January 12th, 2022
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Question: How popular are non-alcoholic wines?

Answer: All Non-Alcoholic beverages are expanding and becoming an important popular category. More consumers are checking out “better for you” alternative choices to follow for a healthy lifestyle including less alcohol in their daily “diet”. Wine Spectator (WS) just produced an informative update article “Are There Any Good Non-Alcoholic Wines?” which I posted yesterday on my Twitter account @winefoodguru that you can check out. They review in some detail the three different production methods used to de-alcoholize wine and how it actually tastes. WS rated current 2020 releases of chardonnay & cabernet sauvignon from Ariel Vineyards as the best followed by chardonnay & red blend from Fre (Trinchero Family Estates). However, their conclusion is as follows: “Although serious wine drinkers may find de-alcoholized versions tough to swallow, consumer interest suggests that wine companies will continue to work to improve and expand these product offerings.” Yes, growing interest.

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January 12th, 2022

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