Ask Sid: Do you think that wine prices will increase?

October 13th, 2021
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Question: Do you think that wine prices will increase?

Answer: Difficult question to predict future supply with so many more regions competing globally with quality wines yet often with variable weather risks for less crop production each year. Also global climate change remains an issue for some established vineyards yet providing new optimism for previously marginal regions. Certainly prices and demand for top wines (check the rising prices of 1er Cru & Grand Cru Burgundy) continue to skyrocket. Why even in the October 9-10, 2021 Wall Street Journal had Lettie Teague On Wine liking the lowest AC 2019 Bourgogne Blanc now at $100/bottle by Domaine Leflaive. However, there should always be an adequate continuing supply at the lower price range – especially “plonk” from somewhere. Have you noticed the increase in your grocery bill? Apple is cutting iPhone 13 production due to global chip shortage. Yes inflationary pressures plus many supply chain issues from product to labour are contributing to a likely wine price increase. Prepare. Check out these two topical articles:

Argentina’s Vineyards Can’t Bottle Wines Due to Glass Shortage

Paper shortage, delays cause disruption in printing of wine labels

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October 13th, 2021

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