Ask Sid: Correct pronunciation for French Wine Regions?

July 14th, 2021
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Question: Would you please help me with the correct pronunciation of these French wine regions?

Answer: Hope this provides some basic help:

CHABLIS: shah-blee
MEURSAULT: muhr-so
PAUILLAC: poy-yac
MONTRACHET: mon-rah-shay
POUILLY-FUISSE: pwe-e-fwee-say
VOSNE-ROMANEE: vone-roh-mah-nay
BOURGOGNE: boor-guh-nyuh
BEAUJOLAIS: boh-jhoe-lay
MACON: mah-cawn
SANCERRE: sahn-sair
MUSCADET: mos-cah-day
LOIRE: lawahr
LANGUEDOC: lahn-guh-doc
DORDOGNE: door-doyne
COTE-ROTIE: coat-roe-tee
HERMITAGE: er-mee-taj
CHATEAUNEUF-DU-PAPE: shah-toe-nuf-doo-pahp

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July 14th, 2021

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