June 28th, 2021

One of the real joys of getting older is to rejoice in the disciplined hard work leading to success of so many younger people in all walks of life. Especially during these most difficult Covid times for the hospitality industry it is a definite positive note to follow on social media and television those bringing us both entertainment and knowledge about food & wine. If you have a local personal long time connection with that person it makes it even more heart warming and grateful for their contribution. There are several that deserve recognition from British Columbia but two that immediately come to my mind are Mijune Pak & Steve Hodge.

MIJUNE PAK is a television personality from Vancouver on the Food Network Canada featured in Top Chef Canada. You can also catch her on @followmefoodie on Twitter and @mijunepak on Instagram. Her bubbly enthusiasm is really catchy. She continues her journey of curious culinary exploration of international flavours with wonderful flair.
Your scribe knew her way back in 2008 when she first started out as a blogger and travelled to Banff on her own ticket to cover the Canadian Culinary Championships. Mijune showed such enthusiastic passion for food even in those early days and her write-ups and fantastic photos were the best coverage of the popular event bar none! Deserves all the recognition and admiration she has now. Your scribe is very proud of her. Congrats to Mijune and please follow her. You will enjoy the experience.

STEVE HODGE is a Pastry Chef following in the footsteps of his mother who owned a bakery. Well trained from California to London he learned skills from many mentors including star chef Thomas Haas. His own style emerged starting in 2013 with the opening of his Temper Chocolate & Pastry 2409 Marine Drive in West Vancouver. Remember many connections with Steve including criticizing his early declasse boxes he used for his exquisite looking cakes – which he quickly remedied. Also personally presenting to Steve on September 26, 2013 an
International Chocolate Award at the ceremony held at Xoxolat 1271 Homer Street Vancouver for his winning classy dessert entry in that competition. Steve told me then that “it will be one of many more to come”. Since then Steve has embarked on an impressive Food Network Canada career with two successful shows Great Chocolate Showdown & Project Bakeover. This new last one helps bakeries who are struggling using Steve’s sage understanding most empathetic advice to transform to a more updated popular style. So well done indeed. Recommend these shows and to follow Steve on Instagram @chefstevehodge. Please let us know in the comments about emerging culinary media stars from your region.

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June 28th, 2021

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