Ask Sid: Where to discover the Bourboulenc grape?

July 8th, 2020
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Question: I am drinking some white CNP with several grape varieties in the blend including some Bourboulenc. Where might I get a chance to discover the best expression of that grape by itself?

Answer: Interesting thought. Yes the Bourboulenc (using many other names too) is a late ripening grape with lower pH & fair acidity that is being used more recently in popular Cotes du Rhone blanc mixes as well for better structured wines. However probably the best expression of it can be found in the newer La Clape AOC (starting with vintage 2015) in Languedoc reaching from Narbonne to the Mediterranean over 17 kilometers (ironically 80% out of the total 768 hectares is red) where there now is so much more planted by 25 Estates & 3 Co-ops often used as the majority varietal in their white blends. Do you notice some maritime salty notes from the sea breezes in that wine? Recommend you search out a good example from say from Chateau d’Angles, Chateau de la Negly, or Gerard Bertrand among others. Enjoy the unique experience!

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July 8th, 2020

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