Ask Sid: How many regular bottles in a Jeroboam?

December 6th, 2017
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jeroboam wine bottle

Question: Made a bet with another wine collector on the size of a Jeroboam wine bottle but can’t determine the definitive answer. Can you help Sid?

Answer: A regular bottle is 75 cl or 750 ml. Magnum is 2 regular bottles (1.5 litres) & Marie-Jeanne is 3 (2.25 litres). However a Jeroboam is tricky. In Burgundy and Chablis they call the double magnum size of 4 regular bottles also a Jeroboam. In Bordeaux though they use Jeroboam for 6 regular bottles (4.5 or 5 litre size) but in Burgundy call this a Rehoboam. Confusing but hope this clarifies your bet and that you win.

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December 6th, 2017

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  1. James Garard says:

    Drank a ’70 Petrus that my father had over 20 years ago. Just sold a precious ’55 Mouton Jero at Acker.

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