Ask Sid: Champagne is for Breakfast

December 20th, 2017
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book Champagne for Breakfast

Question: Was there a book in the eighties that criticized the provincial liquor board monopolies in Canada called Breakfast Champagne?

Answer: Yes an excellent one “Champagne is for Breakfast” by George Bain published in 1972. He was a Canadian political & wine columnist with the Globe & Mail in Ottawa who also won a Stephen Leacock medal for humour. That good sense of humour appears throughout this book too making it a very good read. Quote: “The provincial liquor commissions, to my mind, are perfectly capable of marketing liquor, which is as standardized as canned peas… But wine is different in very many ways. First of all, it is not, except in a small number of situations, most of which ought not to be encouraged, a rigorously standard product. A good wine merchant searches out a good product for his customers, sometimes in small quantities, and often with difficulty. ‘Small quantities’ and ‘difficulty’ are both anathema to public authority.” Highly recommended book!

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December 20th, 2017

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