Ask Sid: Preferred vintage between 2015 & 2014 for White Burgundy

November 1st, 2017
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Question: Buying some top white Burgundy to put down for short term aging. Do you prefer collecting the 2015 or 2014 year?

Answer: Smart move. Our new Vintage Card rates 2015 at only 5 out of 7 for both Chablis & Cote d’Or whites compared to a perfect mark 7/7 for 2014 Chablis & 6 for further south. I agree that 2014 is the preferred choice because of cooler July & August weather followed by a glorious September resulting in fresh very well balanced whites. 2015 had intense heat in Spring & Summer (especially July) resulting in some great wines too but generally the vintage leans towards a rich ripe powerful lower acidity more forwardly style. Know your producer!

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November 1st, 2017

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