Ten soups made better with wine!

September 2nd, 2017

10 soups made better with wine

By Joseph Temple

Remember when adding wine to your favorite soup recipe – always use something you would drink. When in doubt, add whatever you plan to pair with it, and you never know, that bold glass of wine might just become your new secret ingredient!

What wine to pair with thai chicken soup?
1. Thai Chicken Soup – a splash of Gewurztraminer will lend subtle exotic spice and fruit notes while balancing the spice.

Seafood soup wine pairing
2. Bouillabaisse –  sauvignon blanc adds another layer of complexity of this simple soup.

What wine to pair with beef stew?
3. Beef Stew – a robust red such as Cabernet Sauvignon will add a layer of sophistication to this slowly cooked delight.

What wine goes with cold fruit soup?
4. Cold Fruit Soup – the light floral fruitiness of a Pinot Noir would enhance the sweet and tart combination of seasonal berries, peaches, plums, and cherries.


What wine goes with minestrone soup?
5. Summer Vegetable Minestrone – an acidic Sangiovese compliments the fresh herbs and juicy tomato of a once simple peasant dish; also, vegetables can be separately cooked in the wine before adding them to the broth.

What wine shoud I pair with mushroom soup?6. Mushroom Soup – depending on the creaminess, a lighter red such as Gamay Noir or buttery chardonnay would deglaze the mushrooms quite well before adding stock and cream.

Pea soup wine pairing
7. Cold Pea Soup – finish with basil for a twist on a familiar and pair with a sweet and crisp sparkling.

What wine goes with French onion soup?
8. French Onion Soup – the vegetable’s caramelization of this forgiving classic that would do well to be deglazed with a wide range of wines including Sherry, Gamay Noir, or even Pinot Grigio.

What wine goes with lobster bisque?
10. Lobster Bisque – although Cognac is sighted in many recipes, a smooth Sherry would do nicely to highlight this delicate seafood.

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September 2nd, 2017

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