Ask Sid: Best Sushi Wine?

September 6th, 2017
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Question: My boyfriend and me are eating more sushi and haven’t found our best wine match yet. Your tip please?

Answer: Yes an ideal match with a variety of sushi can be elusive. Cold beer usually works quite well – especially with the wasabi. Any well chilled Sparkling should also be a safe bet. Bubbles help avoid that sometimes metallic taste you can get with some still white wines and especially bolder reds when matched with fish but usually shellfish. However, there are lots of softer fuller whites that will accentuate the rich buttery textures of tuna. My tip would be to experiment with different Sparkling wines to find the one pairing you enjoy most.

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September 6th, 2017

5 Responses

  1. Sid Cross says:

    Yes of course Sake! Why not double up on fermented rice with sushi rice a popular choice in Japan. Good logical idea Joey but you are opening up another completely separate area of food matching discussions. Sake also is usually slightly more alcoholic than beer and table wines.

  2. Unquestionably a good quality sake at room temperature.

  3. I usually drink a sparkling wine because I always have that available, but I love sake with sushi.

  4. Actually, if I eat sushi, I stay away from wine as the rice is vinegared..albeit slightly. However, if I have sashimi which I do more frequently, I will opt for a mildly oaked chardonnay.

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