Ask Sid: Rare Cognac Fraud?

May 17th, 2017
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Question: I have a bottle of Cognac Grande Fine Champagne 1811 Reserve Impeatrice Josephine. I am trying to find out a value. The cork is intact, no damage or leakage. Thank you I am attaching some photos.

Answer: This is supposed to be a rare valuable bottle. I was asked this very same question and on Ask Sid October 28, 2015 answered “$7000” based on a Christie’s auction history. Last year someone asked me the same question again and now you have raised it. Suddenly I am becoming slightly suspicious of the possibility of cognac fraud. How many bottles of this cognac are out there, where are these old bottles coming from and how valuable are they really? Has anyone tasted the contents? Is your bottle authentic and what is the provenance? Your photo is encouraging because it shows “State of Illinois Series H 1937” on the bottle. However, you need to investigate and provide more details on when and where you acquired it, the bottling date and the like. Suggest you get an Auction House to do a more thorough inspection of your bottle and give you a definitive range of value.

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May 17th, 2017

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