Ask Sid: When to drink sweet wines?

March 29th, 2017
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When to drink sweet wine

Question: I have collected quite a few different sweet wines from Austria, Germany, France and the New World including Canadian Icewines. Find I am not using them with dessert as much as I expected to do. Any other ideas for me?

Answer: Yes when to drink sweet wines seems to be a growing issue for a lot of us – me included! I am trying them with varying success paired to a variety of main courses like pork, poultry or veal in cream. With the right sauce seafood particularly scallops and lobster can result in a good match. Spicy Asian and Indian dishes usually work brilliantly. Experiment. However what I am enjoying most is using my sweet wines more often as an aperitif. Riesling especially has underlining refreshing high acidity that makes for a lively delicious opening wine regardless of how sweet it is. I like a small pour of Sauternes or icewines on their own as an interesting “cocktail” to study at the beginning of a meal. Close friends of mine are using them mixed with either sparkling water or reasonably priced sparkling wine. Boy does that last combination ever improve the flavours of that cheaper sparkler! Please let us know what new ideas you discover.

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March 29th, 2017

2 Responses

  1. I answered Germany in the quiz, but that is because I could pick only one country. My real answer would be a tie among Germany, France and Austria. I love all three.

    That having been said, I, too, am have been having the same problem with pairings ( actually for almost two decades), and generally prefer to drink them solo as dessert or as an aperitif. I have finally narrowed my pairings down to Foie Gras, which to me is among the greatest of wine/food pairings in the world.

  2. Sid Cross says:

    Yes I agree Wimberly. Hard to pick a fav best country for sweet wines among so many good choices! Pleased to learn you too are trying and enjoying them as an aperitif as well as with food.

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