14 Dishes for a Picturesque Sunday Brunch

March 26th, 2017

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By Joseph Temple

A good weekday starts with a good breakfast, but a great Sunday starts with a great brunch!  These ideas will be a sure fire hit at your next mid-morning gathering.  Bon Appetit!

blackberry panckes brunch
1. Blackberry Pancakes


Swiss Cheese Mushroom Panini brunch
2. Swiss Cheese Mushroom Panini


Granola and yogurt brunch
3. Honey Toasted Granola and Greek Yogurt


Lobster hollandaise brunch
4. Poached Lobster & Eggs with Hollandaise


Scandinavian open face sandwiches brunch
5. Scandinavian Sandwiches


Custard and fruit pastries brunch
6. Custard and Fruit Pastries


Frittata brunch
7. Veggie Frittata


Croissant eggs Benedict sandwich brunch
8. Croissant Eggs Benedict Sandwich


Croissant eggs Benedict sandwich brunch
9. Classic French Omelet


Scrambled eggs and toast brunch
10. Simple Egg Breakfast & Cappuccino


Belgian waffles brunch
11. Belgian Waffles


Crepes brunch
12. Crepes


Fried eggs and tomato toast brunch
13. Fried Eggs and Tomato on Toast


Toad in a hole brunch
14. Toad in a Hole


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March 26th, 2017

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