July 10th, 2013

Best Wine Cellar Inventory Mangement System

Longing for the good old days of a simple wine inventory cellar book with hand written entries?

I still cling to that antiquated system somewhat because it was so excitingly hands on and personal but as a computer nut I also like the additional features, valuations and organizational benefits of the many new on line alternatives.

Hard to believe that so many friends of mine now have each individual bottle in their wine cellar barcoded for easy management. Wow are they ever organized! But there are so many different software programs out there it is hard to choose how to even get started.

I really like what Eric LeVine has done with Cellar Tracker ( redesigning to make constant improvements and they also now have posted nearly 4 million tasting notes for references and recommendations. Impressive work indeed!

Please let us know what you recommend as working for you based on your own wine cellar management system. Much appreciated.

July 10th, 2013

4 Responses

  1. Lowell Wilhite says:

    I have used for several year now and I like the features of the application. I like that that it also has a companion smart phone application, Hello Vino. The mobile app synchs with your inventory so you can take your inventory database with you.

    • Kevin Ilsen says:

      I have been using Cellartracker for about 7 years and absolutely love it — especially the “Ready to Drink” report, which helps ensure that I don’t wait too long to drink the wines that I’ve laid down. I have used the CellarVu iPad app, which allows me to view and search my cellar. I just checked out Hello Vino and I don’t see any capability for integrating with Cellartracker. Are you sure that Hello Vino provides that functionality?

  2. Alex Bielak says:

    I’ve just shifted from the classic “no system” to Cellartracker and like the mobile app Cellarvu on my Ipad. I don’t think I can input into that (or am I missing something?) which is a pain though.

  3. I use the “My Cellar” feature of Parker’s web site, to which I subscribe. Seems reasonably functional, and integrates well with his ratings and notes, on which I rely.

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