Wine and Stamps

May 2nd, 2014

By Joseph Temple

Monaco’s Prince Rainier III once said that a postage stamp is “the best ambassador of a country.”  So its no surprise that many nations around the world have decided to promote their local wine making industries through philately.  From Austria to Australia and from Canada to Chile, viticulture has been the subject of numerous commemorative stamps over the years.

Below you can find a few wine themed postage stamps (in no particular order).  Is there any one stamp that catches your eye?  Have we missed anything?  Please share your comments with us and visit this link to see more wine and food stamps on our Pinterest site.

Canada 2006 Wine Stamp Ontario Wine Trail Stamp Canada 2006 Wine Stamp
Hungary Wine Stamp Luxembourg Wine Stamp Argentina Wine Stamp
Beaujolais Stamp Chile Wine Stamp Liechenstein Wine Stamp South African Wine Stamp
Australia Wine Stamp Australia Stamp Australia Wine Stamp
Stamp_of_Moldova_md455 Austria Wine Stamp Champagne Wine Stamp Chile Wine Stamp
German Wine Stamp Moldova Stamp Hungarian Wine Stamp

What country creates the best wine stamps?

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May 2nd, 2014

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