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    Rob Wonhof

    Just came back from Napa California where we had tastings at 4 wineries. The wines at each winery were young but had no sensation of needing long decanting, they tasted excellent, like you hoped they would be after years of ageing! Clearly they had been decanted. I asked each host how long the wines had been decanted for. The first three said they had simply pulled the corks the day before and then, relatively quickly, re-corked the bottles. Then the next day they re-pulled the corks and poured into a decanter for about an hour before we arrived. That seems too simple! What do you think?

    They also seemed to utilize a decanter that fit over the nect of the bottle, then you tip it upside down and let the wine enter the decanter. Then, you tip back over and let the wine refill the bottle.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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